Thoughtful Thursday and Aftermath of Sandy

Sandy came roaring in on Monday and really packed a wallop for the NY/NJ area's. The Jersey shore was really hard hit with tidal surges of water that swept away parts of boardwalks in communities like Seas Side Heights and Point Pleasant. We were without power since Monday night and it was not fun. You really get a sense of what life was before power and believe me its not pretty. We finally got power restored to our neighborhood last night and what a sense of relief. The temperatures were dropping into the low 40's (F) and I was walking around with my coat on trying to think warm thoughts,... Bermuda, Bahamas..! But fortunately the power tripped on around 9:45 PM and so did the heat! Yea! Ozzie was probably getting use to life without lights.
A tree from our neighbors yard split down the middle with a good chunk of it crossing our back yard into our neighbors pool. We were lucky that was the worse we experienced. Some folks in the area lost a lot more. Halloween was postponed by Governor Chris Christie and rescheduled for Monday November 4th. I am sure a lot of kids were disappointed but with all the down wires and trees it was just to risky to be roaming the streets!

In the meanwhile life will slowly creep back to normal while services are restored and areas that were hard hit get cleaned up. Ozzie will patiently wait for trick or treaters on Monday and enjoy the much taken for granted light and warmth!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffered losses from the storm!

"Where are the trick or treaters?"

"A common sight in the neighborhood."


  1. Good to hear that you are safe and sound! Stay warm and give Oz an extra biscuit for being a good boy :-)

  2. I'm so sorry you were without power. I'm in south/central PA, and we really were pretty blessed in our area not to have much damage. I'm glad nothing too major came your way and that you guys are safe!
    What a cute little picture of Ozzie. (LOVE the purple door!!)


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